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Profile & Aims To Establish Women Resource Centre (WRC)

Women Resource Center at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established in 2009 with the collaboration of CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise). It was conceived to provide full support and assistance to the existing as well as upcoming Women Entrepreneurs. The SCCI Women Resource Center has always tried to meet the changing demands of economic and Industrial dynamics and provide assistance to the women for establishing their businesses. On the other hand, WRC acts as a clearinghouse for distributing the information on many issues and subject matters, beneficial for women.

SCCI believes that women in our community deserve a platform that can provide practical solutions to their problems expand their vision and identify the opportunities for them. Women progress is critical to a nations’ progress and women’s economic participation is critical to a nations’ economic prosperity. The aim behind the formation of Women Resource center is the realization of the fact that role of women in economic development is as significant as that of the male population. To boost up the women participation in economic activities there was a need to establish a forum where women could voice their concerns, seek assistance and return for purposes of research and further development.

A platform that could identify key issues of women, provide information, build awareness, educate them, promote opportunities and encourage them to participate in upcoming activities to explore diverse business fields through the ongoing support of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry. WRC aims to develop women entrepreneurs by encouraging entrepreneurship as a means of economic empowerment, for potential women entrepreneurs, the Sialkot Chamber aims to provide one window facility to all female members. At the same time, SCCI provides a forum for debate and discussion, opportunity to interact with their local and international counterparts as well as facilities for research and development.