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Introduction to WCCIS

Women Chamber Of Commerce & Industry, Sialkot, is established in 2021 with a goal to provide full support and assistance to the existing as well as upcoming Women Entrepreneurs. WCCIS believes that women in our community deserves a platform that can provide practical solutions to their problems, expand their vision and identify the opportunities for them.

Women-owned businesses are still in the minority, and the hurdles faced by women who have embraced entrepreneurship are vast and often very different from those experienced by their male counterparts in Sialkot. To shed light on some of these disparities, and to promote, stimulate and protect the key challenges women entrepreneurs face, it was the need of the hour to establish Women Chamber Of Commerce & Industry, Sialkot.

WCCIS goal is to promote, aid, develop the economic interest of women in general and of those engaged in trade, industry and services in particular; create an enabling environment for Women Business Community; Build the institutional capacity of agencies involved in Women Entrepreneur’s development and gender equality for all; Develop tools and support services for women business.

WCCIS follows a development and rights-based approach which aims to satisfy the practical needs of Women Entrepreneur’s. To make sure the assistance provided to the members for their facilitation as well as to organize events such as Exhibitions, educational seminars / workshops to educate and train the female business community and to help them in enhancing their exposure, for capacity building and raising awareness amongst women.

WCCIS will provide assistance in developing the spirit of entrepreneurship among women by creating and providing environment that would be encouraging for the development of women entrepreneurs in Sialkot. Therefore, it would be helpful for women entrepreneurs in establishing and consequently expanding their business at national as well as at international level.